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Luke Mangan is a leading Australian restaurateur and chef, whose influence on the food and wine industry can be found in the air on Virgin Australia Business Class, the carriages of the Eastern Oriental Express, and at sea, onboard five P&O Cruise ships, and Glass Restaurant in the Sydney Hilton.

His meal... slow cooked beef cheeks, winter vegetables, peas, pine nuts, persian fetta and orange couscous.

COST $74 for the meal.
(Generous feed for four people)

Luke Mangan Meal
Slow-cooked beef cheeks with winter vegetables, peas, pinenuts, persian fetta and orange couscous.

Cooking Instructions

  • Reheat beef cheeks by bringing 4 litres of water to a boil and then reduce temperature to a simmer. Place the thermoform plastic packaging into the pot and cover with a lid. Set time for 20min.
  • Place couscous into the microwave and cook for 4minutes on high, do not remove the lid.
  • Remove mint leaves from container and tear with hands or rough chop place back into the container provided.
  • Once the beef cheeks are hot carefully cut bag open and pour into your selected serving dish.
  • Top the beef cheeks with toasted pine nuts, persian fetta crumble coriander leaves as well as parsley leaves
  • Lastly, microwave the peas and butter in a microwave-safe container for 1.5 minutes until warm and drizzle all contents over garnished beef cheeks.
  • Place couscous into mixing bowl, season with "Sydney Spice" add orange segments and mint leaves.

Your meat is now ready to devour!!!

On behalf of Haverick Meats and the Luke Mangan team, we thank you for your order and support.

Meal Ingredients:

Beef cheek
Large carrot, peeled & diced
cloves garlic, chopped
fresh ginger, grated
Red chillies, chopped sweet potato, peeled & diced,
LM Moroccan Spice Blend
All-purpose flour
LM Extra Virgin Olive oil
Diced tomatoes
Beef stock
Red wine
Bay leaf
Fennel seeds
Green cardamom pods
Star anise
Preserved Lemon
Fresh dates, seeded and diced
Cup golden raisins
Pinch of saffron strands
Cup parsley, chopped
Cup cilantro, chopped
Persian feta
Frozen peas
Toasted pine nuts

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